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Electrode Steam Boiler (Small Industrial )

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh /Piece(s)

We manufacture and supply optimum quality electrode steam boiler that is fully automatic and equipped with special ampere-based water level controller, pressure controller and automatic blow-down.

Some of the salient features of our electrode steam boiler are as follows. The quick steaming procedure in the electrode steam boiler is available with full working pressure achieved within minutes of cold start. These are safe to operate as special high current controller does not allow current to exceed the set limit. It further prevents burnout due to water shortage.

Space required: 4ft (L) X 7 ft (H)

No noise

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy to install

In the boiler electric current passes through water between electrode and the neutral shield. This produces instant heat and water starts steaming within minutes of cold start. The amount of current passing through water is directly proportionate to the conductivity of water. The boiler is designed for a feed water conductivity of 80 Micromohs/cm.

In the current based water level controller, the control panel is fitted with on/off switch which helps in maintaining the level of water in the boiler. With no moving parts it does not come in contact with water and ensures absolutely maintenance free.

The automatic blow down valve automatically opens when current drawn by the boiler rises above the set point, indicating the accumulation of high conductivity water in the boiler. The periodic blow down helps in maintaining conductivity of water in the boiler under control and blow off the sediments. The boiler remains clean which results in lesser maintenance and longer trouble-free life. The high current preventer alarms when there is a high current in flowed in the short circuit and prevent the flooding of boiler by gravity. The pressure controller helps in switch on/off as per the requirement in the boiler.

Our double ace electrode boiler is constructed using qualitative plates, flange mounted electrode assembly, alloy electrodes and neutral shield with Teflon insulators. The external part of the shell is insulated with glass wool and protected by aluminum cladding for operational safety and to prevent heat losses.



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